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Industrial Revolution 1.0

Industrial Machines produced more outputs reduced the need for agriculture.

Machine Age

Industrial Revolution 2.0

Factory workers became new norm and the products were physical goods

Industrial Age

Industrial Revolution 3.0

Workers became clerks moved to office doing  knowledge works using computers

Digital Age

Industrial Revolution 4.0

Workers move out .. delegates knowledge work, thinking and analysis to the machines, leaving human workers with everything that can't yet be automated 

Information Age

Industrial Revolution 5.0

Humanity takes the center stage with focus on sustainability and resilience.

IR 5.0 aims to create a future where technology serves humanity in a responsible and ethical manner, paving the way for a better world.

Imagination Age

We are here!


Skills required for future...


Are we preparing our coming generation well for future?

With the rapidly changing future, the approach to make our children future-ready needs a new direction. How we used to or are currently doing might not help prepare our next generation. 

Future Direction

“The future of education lies in empowering young learners to embrace and develop their uniquely human qualities – those unlikely to ever be replaced by technology”

World Economic Forum

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